GLORY HOLE BAR is a cash only bar with a back room to enjoy the holes on offer. But don’t let that put you off. We’re a fun and friendly bar so it’s not all about getting your rocks off but you can of course if the mood takes you …GHB is not exclusively for blow job lovers but it is what we offer. Guys in their 20’s to 50’s are especially welcome.

How To Enjoy GHB Ueno


  1. Please pay the entrance fee at the counter.  Fee of the first drink is included with the entrance fee.
  2. Please receive your locker key. Feel free if you want get undressed (please wear your underwear at least).
  3. Please ask to the staff, you want to get the first drink. Anytime OK.
  4. Enjoy drink and explore the back room. Bringing your drink to the back room is OK.
  5. Please show your locker key to get another drink. Please pay later when you leave.

Fee System (GHB Ueno)

Entrance fee: 1,800 JPY w/ 1 drink
Another drink: 500JPY~ (Can be paid when leaving. Show your locker key number).

Cash only. No exchange.

Business Hours (GHB Ueno)


Mon. - Fri.13:00 - 23:30
Sat., Sun. & JP national holidays13:00 - 23:30


  • Gay and bisexual guy over 20 y.o. only. Accompanying straight people and/or women are not allowed.
  • All nuisances, bring or entering with taking illegal drugs are prohibited. Please note poppers are illegal in Japan. If not being observed by staff’s instruction, immediate leaving will be requested. In such a case, we do not refund entrance fee.
  • GHB is exclusively for blow job lovers. Anal fuck is not allowed.
  • We do not provide any alcohol drinks to drivers.


GLORY HOLE BAR Ueno/Ueno area

2 min. walk from A3 exit of Ueno-Hirokoji Sta., Tokyo Metro Ginza line or Metropolitan Subway O-Edo line
3 min. walk from No.2 exit of Yushima Sta., Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line
5 min. walk from North ent. of Okachimachi Sta., JR Keihin-Tohoku line or Yamate line

Turn the corner of Seven Eleven along Kasuga-dori Ave. » Walk 30m » GHB is on the right. 2F Kamimura Bldg. (Opposite side of Hide-zushi “英鮨“, a sushi shop) Kamimura Bldg. has the ad sign of the previous dining bar “まる

Deepthroat Men Shinjuku/Shinjuku area

Deepthroat Men Shinjuku HP  https://www.dt-men.com

Just 1 min. walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station north exit. 3rd Fl. of “Wakatsuki Bldg.” (Wakatsuki Bldg. in green color.)

Suck’d Glory Tokyo/Nakano area

Suck’d Glory Tokyo HP https://www.suckdglorytokyo.com/

5 min. walk from south exit of Nakano Station, JR Chuo line.